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How to Succeed in My Class


  1. Show up to class.  Yes, that’s number one… I can’t teach you if you’re not here.
  2. Pay attention.  This class moves quickly with a large amount of information.  You can’t be on your phone, talking to your neighbors, sleeping or staring off into nowhere and expect to do well.
  3. Take notes.  You will have a notebook to write in.  It will contain all the important information, examples, practice and things you need to know for each test.  If I write it in my notebook, then you need to be writing it in yours.  This will basically become a small textbook for you.
  4. Read over your notes every night.  Each night at home, read back over that day’s notes along with any others taken on previous days in that chapter.
  5. Vocabulary!  Know what we are talking about.  Every chapter, you will have a cover page with the key vocabulary words.  Learn those words.  Look them up… make flash cards!
  6. Do the homework.  As we progress through the chapter, work on the problems assigned in the homework.  This way, when you come across something you don’t understand, you can ask questions in class about it.  DO NOT wait till the night before they are due. 
  7. ASK QUESTIONS!  If you are not understanding something we are going over… ASK about it!!
  8. Try the Online Study Guide.  Don’t wait till the night before the test, do this a day or two before.  That way, if you don’t understand something on there, you can ask about it in class.
  9. STUDY!  Turn off the TV, put away the phone and eliminate distractions.  Spend your time looking over the notes, reviewing the vocabulary, reading the textbook and working problems.  If you wait till the night before the test to begin studying then you are already behind.
  10. When it’s test day… relax.  Go in with a positive attitude.  Take some deep breaths.  Read all the directions and questions carefully. 

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