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Concurrent Credit

Concurrent Enrollment


Nashville High School offers concurrent credit. Any student who has finished the 8th grade may take concurrent classes for credit with NHS.

**You must have an ACT composite of a 19 AND a 19 in all tested areas in order to take a concurrent course. Passing scores must be in our office before the 1st day of instruction.

**When transferring credits to college YOU must request a transcript from CCCUA to be sent to your university. **


NHS Concurrent Courses

Western Civilization            6HRS

Comp I & II                         6HRS

PRE-AP/ U.S. History         6HRS

PRE-CAL/TRIG                    6 HRS



   ORAL COMM (2017 Grads and after)  3HRS                 

Nashville High School Handbook (p. 21). (2015). Nashville.

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