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Crystal Evans



Hello! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Crystal Evans and I am the High School Counselor at Nashville High School.  I am married to Nick Evans who is a football coach and we have two sons.  Kyle is our oldest and Cole (MoMo as we call him) is our youngest. Kyle loves the band and Cole loves to play football. So the fall is our busiest time of the year and the best time of the year for our family. We are very excited about this year at Nashville.

I have worked with all grades and I have determined that high school is one of my favorites. My other favorites are history, learning new things, traveling to foreign countries, and the study of cultures. I received a bachelor’s degree in history from Texas A& M University.  I also earned master’s degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and School Counseling from Southern Arkansas University.  I have taught American History, World History, World Cultures, Human Geography, and Sociology/Psychology over the years.  I have also worked as an administrator, school improvement specialist, and counselor.  All of these experiences help make a well-rounded approach to counseling.  I love to help students succeed and reach their goals.

The purpose of the Nashville High School counseling program is to help students resolve academic, social, personal, or emotional concerns that interrupt the educational process. The purpose of individual counseling is to help the student make responsible choices, respect self and others, develop appropriate behavior and resolve a problem. Counseling instead of therapy is conducted by the NHS guidance counselor. Counseling addresses preventive and developmental concerns, and assists with educational and decision-making problems.

If you or your children have any questions, concerns, or need assistance during the school year, please contact me.

Crystal Evans

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