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Nashville Scrapper Baseball seniors received their travel pillows  before leaving for the Pittsburg, Texas Classic.









Nashville Scrapper baseball player Preston Pope has signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.  Pope, a pitcher for the Scrappers, continues to work hard at Nashville and also played for the Sticks Baseball Academy during the off-season, posting a 6-0 record during the fall.





Scrapper baseball players Austin Bowman (left) and Tyler Hanson (right) were appointed to the 2017 Ralph Gross tournament team. 







DATE               OPPONENT                             SITE                 DAY                 TIME

Feb 23             Murfreesboro(BENEFIT)        Here                Thur                 5:00

Feb 27             Mena V&JV                              Here                Mon                 5:00

Mar 2-4           Ralph Gross Tourney              Here                Thur-Sat          TBA

Mar 6              Cossatot River                          There               Mon                 4:30

Mar 9-11         Pittsburg TX Classic                There               Thur-Sat          TBA

Mar 13            Genoa Central V&JV               There               Mon                 4:30

Mar 16            Arkansas High                          Here                Thur                 6:00

Mar 17             Ashdown V&JV                       There               Fri                    5:00                            

Mar 27            Fouke V&JV                              Here                Mon                 5:00

Mar 28            Lake Hamilton V&JV               There               Tue                  4:30

*Mar 31          Mena V&JV                              There               Fri                    4:30

Apr 3               Prescott V&JV                          There               Mon                 4:30

Apr 4               Murfreesboro                           Here                Tue                  5:00

Apr 7               Cossatot River                           Here                Fri                    5:00

Apr 10             Horatio V&JV                            There               Mon                 5:00

Apr 11             Kirby                                           Here                Tue                  5:00

Apr 13             Fouke V&JV                              There               Thur                 4:30

Apr 14             Genoa Central                          Here                Fri                    5:00

*Apr 17           Ashdown V&JV                         Here                Mon                 5:00

Apr 18             Arkadelphia                               HSU                 Tue                  5:00

*Apr 21           Robinson V&JV                         Here                Fri                    5:00

Apr 24             Dierks                                        Here                Mon                 5:00

Apr 25             Prescott                                    Here                Tue                  5:00



                        April 26-May 1           District Tournament @ Ashdown

                        May 4-6                       Regional Tournament @ Ashdown

                        May 11-13                   State Tournament TBA

                        May 19-20                   Weekend of Champions @ Fayetteville




Head Coach     Kyle Slayton    

Asst Coach       DJ Graham     

Asst Coach       AJ Whitmore

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